Newsbrief Juli 2018

27 Juli 2018

The Anne-Margaretha is Heading for Spain

If you think it’s hot here in the Netherlands, ah, we look back to steamy Panama and Cuba for the quintessential tropical heat. It was hard to sleep on board with scanty wind in the harbor and night temperatures of > 30˚C ….

We experienced such wonderful adventures these past months: crossing the Panama Canal, visiting hospitable Cuba, so nostalgic, including their beautiful antique cars, the ocean trip that everyone enjoyed very much, and finally arriving in the colorful Azores Islands!
Those exuberant hydrangeas were everywhere, and were there in full bloom season!
But now the crossing to La Coruña from São Miguel starts. In about 1.5 weeks we hope to arrive in Spain, and then we’ll start our last journey (trip number 25!) of this world tour.

We will then say goodbye to the groups of Azorean sperm whales, pilot whales, and high jumping dolphins – what a pleasure for everyone!
Of course the chance to spot whales is still abundant!

Still places available?

With 2 cancellations, we have one cabin available for the journey from La Coruña, via St. Malo and the Channel Islands to the Netherlands (Trip P25)

Let us know quickly if you would like to take part in this leg!


The sailing program for 2019 is on the website and some trips are almost fully booked: the Lofoten trip and the trip from Tromsø to Spitsbergen are almost full. There are still places available on the other trips.

The Anne-Margaretha Returns August 23

If everything goes according to plan, the ship arrives in Spaarndam on August 23.
She will have been gone almost a year.
So Heinz almost was a year away from home (and family!). Crew member Mareike was almost a whole year on board with us. We will welcome the ship and the hardy crew back home soon!

We wish everyone a nice summer.

Summer greetings,

Greet and Heinz

(picture: view from Sao Jorge/Azores)

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